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Monday, February 22, 2016

The ESTP Desk Flip

Image Description: An angry stick figure sitting in a chair flipping a desk. The caption reads "The Guide to the ESTP desk flip" and there is a watermark in the bottom right corner.
You've probably heard of the INFJ door slam or even the ENTP lamp toss (which is more of a passive-aggressive rant on the whole "INFJs are special and rare" thing written by an ENTP), but have you heard of the ESTP desk flip? Each MBTI has its own trademark gesture that indicates that the person has reached their breaking point, but the INFJ door slam is the most well-known. These posts are mostly generated by intuitives, so I'd thought I'd add my sensor perspective to the mix.

After figuring out that I have inferior Ni, I figured out that I am not ENTP, but ESTP. I'm not a Rational, but an Artisan. I am a Promoter rather than an Inventor. When an ESTP reaches their breaking point, they break out into a focused, yet incoherent rage known as the "ESTP desk flip"  which does not necessarily involve said ESTP flipping a desk, but the noise level definitely comes close.

The Buildup
The camel's back will not break under a single straw. Ordinarily, ESTPs are generally happy people. We like getting involved in a variety of things and engaging in some healthy competition. ESTPs are the ones who will convince you to go an a roller coaster with them because they're terrified...of being bored. While we can appear shallow and careless, we aren't. Some things just never come up on our radar. ESTPs will find any excuse to promote and create an awesome moment. They are generally fiercely independent and do not like to be restrained. However, ESTPs are adaptable and like to please others. They can adapt to a systematic environment, but not without quite an emotional toll.

When it Occurs
It is draining for the ESTP to work within a system. This causes the ESTP to revert to inferior Ni. In inferior Ni, the ESTP forgets the moment, overthinks, and imagines worst case scenarios. In an effort to get out of this state, the ESTP overindulges pleasures like food, drink, social media, and blogging, which leads to more long-term stress. Eventually, the piling on of stress on the ESTP, a very stress-tolerant type, creates a flash flood of stress when one more stressor is added. In this onslaught of falling stress, the ESTP loses their composure and responds with an intense diatribe of short duration.The ESTP is usually fine after their outburst, but others are not. ESTPs have hairtrigger tempers when they are stressed and generally stubbornly push through things without asking for help. (ALL part of my ESTPerspective). ESTPs have "Ti explosions" when this occurs. They will be pure personal logic during the desk flip and have no consideration for others during the process. Do not take anything the ESTP says during the desk flip personally. You are reasoning with pure anger at this point.

How to Prevent It
  • As an ESTP
    • If you feel like you're on the verge of a desk flip, eat a healthy snack, take a deep breath, count to 10, and, if possible, remove yourself from the stressor by doing something else. If it is not possible, reassess the stressor and work through it when you are calmer. Do not look at other people when you work. Think "I will do something fun when this is done" and that should give you the drive to get something done without desk flipping.
  • As someone who knows an ESTP
    • Offer diversions to the distressed ESTP. Let them go for a walk, listen to music, or do whatever it takes to get the ESTP to calm down. Scenery changes do wonders for ESTPs under stress. If you have an errand to run that you don't want to do, get the ESTP to do it if possible. ESTPs like doing;anything that includes completing little tasks that involve getting up and going somewhere is right up the ESTP's alley. Surprise the ESTP and praise them for their talents and achievements. Compliments are the prime motivator of ESTPs.
Post-Desk Flip
  • For ESTPs
    • Post desk-flip, you may feel tired or feel like crying. Don't try to set things straight right away, but do so when you are back to your rational mind. Not everyone can get over your angry outbursts as quickly as you can, so make sure to apologize and clean up your mess when you set things straight. 
  • For People Who Know ESTPs 
    • Know that when ESTPs rage, curse, and scream in your face, that is just the way ESTPs are. ESTPs externalize their emotions. Give the ESTP some space to breathe and provide a diversion such as a change of scenery. Empathize with the ESTP and give them the courage to keep going on and give the ESTP s shoulder to cry on when necessary.


  1. Hello FlutistPride:

    The desk flip!

    Thinking about the whole personal logic/consideration of others dynamic.

    "The build up" works really well to get inside and understand more mechanically if not.

    This Extroverted Sensing seems like a relative.

    Where does the noise stand on the order/chaos continuum? Had me thinking about the Alignments.

    Pleasure and indulgence - that does feed into the Sensing world. And it is obvious to others and self.

    [I think that folds in the Sanguine - yes?]

    Watermelon slushes - a healthy snack?

    "An intense outburst of short duration" and "others are not fine" [after the outburst].

    "If you have an errand" and "little tasks". And "breathing and scenery" - that is good mindfulness.

    Thank you for the awesome moments and the systematic adaptations.

    1. You're welcome.

      Order and chaos aren't really sensory-related although some correlations do exist. Order and chaos are more questions of government as in:
      -How do I want to be governed?
      -How do I want to govern?

      Watermelon slushes are very healthy if you do not add too much sugar.

      And thank you for taking the time to appreciate my work.

    2. FlutistPride:

      When I saw this post, I thought more of "Lawful" [as in Law and Order - a calque].

      The governmentality!

      Senses are not easily governed.

      There was one way - shifting attention and using drive to get things done [then the fun]!


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